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Greg Kidd is the shop owner here at Sal's, and has been tattooing for over 20 years throughout the city.


Master of portraits and black and grays, he has a wide range of experience in all forms of tattooing.  His favourites are realism, and black and grey work. Greg utilizes negative space, smooth grey shading and fine lines, to create a truly realistic look. Greg enjoys collaborating with his clients to create something unique, that will leave his clients feeling proud. 

A true believer in creating a comfortable and safe space, Greg makes sure that that anyone walking through his doors feels welcome and leaves having had a memorable experience.

"I think what tattooers forget is that the tattoo belongs to the client. Our job is to make the customer happy. Not the other way around. As much as I enjoy realism and black-and-grey tattoos - my main focus is to make sure the client is happy, and has had a positive and great experience. Making the client happy is my main goal in this career!" - Greg

Tattoo Artist